Polygala cruciata L. var. aquilonia Fern. & Schubert

Locations ofPolygala cruciata L. var. aquilonia Fern. & Schubert in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Polygala cruciata L. var. aquilonia Fern. & Schubert
Common Name
Northern Cross-leaved Milkwort
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Polygala cruciata L. (in part; varieties not treated in the Flora of Virginia)
See Comments under map of Polygala cruciata sensu lato. This variety has a disjunct distribution in Virginia represented by the few montane occurrences of the species and a small subset of populations in eastern Virginia. The distribution is based almost exclusively on annotations made by Bruce Sorrie (NCU) in 2016. This var. is sympatric with var. cruciata in eastern Virginia, and specimens of confusing, intermediate morphology appear to be locally frequent. It can also be difficult to distinguish specimens of var. aquilonia from young or depauperate specimens of var. cruciata. Further study is warranted.
Fens (calcareous and mafic) in the mountains; open, sphagnous wetlands and wet sands elsewhere; habitats similar to the nominate variety. Infrequent to rare in the Coastal Plain and outer Piedmont of c. and se. Virginia; rare in the mountains (Ridge and Valley province and Southern Blue Ridge).
Native Status

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