Lejeunea blomquistii R.M. Schuster

Locations ofLejeunea blomquistii R.M. Schuster in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Lejeunea blomquistii R.M. Schuster
Common Name
Blomquist's Leafy Liverwort
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Discovered in 2016, the Patrick and Giles Co. occurrences are the first for Virginia, and establish a new northern range limit for this southern Appalchian endemic.
Grows in deep, humid gorges on exposed rocks and boulders at edges of streams or within the channel itself. Boulders occupied are dry to moist, but not saturated by spray or regularly inundated. Canopy consists of cove hardwood species. Habitat in other states may include substrates such as tree trunks, downed wood, and vertical rock faces, including those associated with spray cliffs.
Native Status

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