Lobelia spicata Lam.

Locations ofLobelia spicata Lam. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Lobelia spicata Lam.
Common Name
Pale-spike Lobelia
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Lobelia spicata Lam. var leptostachys (A. DC.) Mackenzie & Bush + L. spicata Lam. var. scaopsa McVaugh + L. spicata Lam. var. spicata
The map contains all records for the species and its three varieties, var. leptostachys (A. DC.) Mackenzie & Bush, var. scaposa McVaugh, and var. spicata. Many VA herbarium records have not been identified to variety, and only incomplete maps for var. leptostachya and var. scaposa, and a skeletal map for var. spicata, are available at this time.
As a whole, the species grows in dry-mesic to dry forests, woodlands, barrens, and clearings in a variety of soils. It is frequent in the mountains and Piedmont, rare in the inner Coastal Plain, and absent from the outer Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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