Agalinis obtusifolia Raf.

Locations ofAgalinis obtusifolia Raf. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Agalinis obtusifolia Raf.
Common Name
Ten-lobe False Foxglove
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Agalinis obtusifolia Raf.
The map likely contains records for Agalinis decemloba (Greene) Pennell, which was lumped under the concept of A. obtusifolia in earlier iterations of the Digital Atlas. The likely records are those in Piedmont counties (see map of confirmed A. decemloba records). See discussion in Comments under map of A. decemloba, and see also map of A. tenella Pennell.
This species (sensu stricto) is reported to occur in seasonally wet, clayey and sandy clearings. It is infrequent in the inner Coastal Plain, rare in the outer Coastal Plain, and disjunct to Augusta County in the mountains. Its status in the Piedmont is uncertain, with most or all Piedmont dots likely representing A. decemloba (Greene) Pennell.
Native Status

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