Pyrus calleryana Dcne.

Locations ofPyrus calleryana Dcne. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Pyrus calleryana Dcne.
Common Name
Callery Pear
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Pyrus calleryana Decaisne
This species is far more common as a naturalizing escape than current map records indicate. It now probably occurs in most counties. In northern and central Virginia especially, this pear is invasive and abundant in early-successional woodlands and forest-edge habitats, and on highway roadbanks. Vouchers from established populations are needed.
Commonly planted and escaped; now naturalized and invasive in fencerows, old fields, roadsides, and other disturbed habitats. Common in the n. and c. Piedmont; infrequent to frequent elsewhere; underdocumented, rapidly increasing, and likely to become common throughout.
Native Status

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