Cornus florida L.

Locations ofCornus florida L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Cornus florida L.
Common Name
Flowering Dogwood
Benthamidia florida (L.) Spach
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Cornus florida L.
Since the 1980's, rampant infection of this species by the dogwood anthracnose fungus (Discula destructiva) has probably resulted in the mortality of millions of individuals in all parts of Virginia. The ecological consequences of this calamity are potentially severe, for Cornus florida is (or was) the dominant understory species in many natural communities, as well as one of the most important sources of food for songbirds and other wildlife. Plants growing in sunny, open habitats are less prone to this fungus than those growing in humid forest understories.
Common understory tree in a wide variety of mesic to dry upland forests; also in borders, clearings, old fields, and well-drained floodplains. Common throughout, but absent from higher elevations in the mountains.
Native Status

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