Symphyotrichum laeve (L.) A. & D. Love

Locations ofSymphyotrichum laeve (L.) A. & D. Love in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Symphyotrichum laeve (L.) A. & D. Love
Common Name
Smooth Blue Aster, Smooth Aster
Aster laevis L. var. laevis; Aster steeleorum Shinners; Symphyotrichum laeve (L.) A. & D. Love var. laeve
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Symphyotrichum laeve (L.) A. & D. Love
This taxon and Symphyotrichum cordifolium are the alleged parents of the supposed hybrid Symphyotrichum ×schistosum, which has been found on shale substrates. See comments under S. cordifolium and S. lowreianum for further discussion. See also comments under Symphyotrichum concinnum.
Dry-mesic to dry upland forests, woodlands, barrens, and clearings; usually on calcareous or mafic substrates. Frequent in the mountains; infrequent in the Piedmont (mostly in the n. and inner parts); rare in the inner Coastal Plain, where typically restricted to dry, shell-marl slopes.
Native Status

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