Sagittaria latifolia Willdenow

Locations ofSagittaria latifolia Willdenow in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sagittaria latifolia Willdenow
Common Name
Broad-leaved Arrowhead, Duck Potato, Wapato
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Sagittaria latifolia Willdenow
This is a highly variable taxon but two varieties are often recognized and can usually be readily recognized in the field; var. latifolia is glabrous, often with relatively narrow leaves, and occurs primarily in eastern Virginia; var. pubescens (Muhlenberg ex Nuttall) J.G. Smith is pubescent, with relatively broad leaves, and occurs primarily in the Piedmont and mountains. Partial maps of the varieties have been produced based on herbarium specimens so labeled or annotated. However, most specimens have not been identified to varietal level, and extensive, in-person herbarium work will be needed to flesh out these maps.
Tidal freshwater marshes, ponds, swamps, ditches, seeps, alluvial forests, stream margins, and wet disturbed areas. Frequent to locally common throughout Virginia.
Native Status

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