Carex lacustris Willdenow

Locations ofCarex lacustris Willdenow in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex lacustris Willdenow
Common Name
Lake-shore Sedge
Carex lacustris Willd. var. lacustris
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex lacustris Willdenow
Vouchers for some of the Coastal records of Carex lacustris need critical evaluation due to possible confusion with the similar and closely related Carex hyalinolepis Steud. The latter, which was formerly considered a var. of C. lacustris, is locally abundant in tidal swamps and marshes of e. Virginia.
Calcareous spring marshes in the mountains; freshwater to oligohaline tidal marshes in the Coastal Plain. Rare in the west-central Ridge and Valley region (Augusta and Rockbridge counties) and in estuarine zones of the n. and c. Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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