Carex kraliana Naczi & Bryson

Locations ofCarex kraliana Naczi & Bryson in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex kraliana Naczi & Bryson
Common Name
Kral's Sedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex kraliana Naczi & Bryson
This recently circumscribed species (Naczi et al. 2002, Novon 12:520) is very similar to other members of section Laxiflorae, particularly Carex crebriflora and Carex laxiflora, and some specimens may be intermediate or ambiguous and difficult to place. For a time this entity was known, apparently inappropriately, as C. laxiflora var. serrulata. Most Virginia herbaria have not been systematically searched for C. kraliana, and few specimens have been noted other than the paratypes cited by Naczi et al. (2002). C. kraliana's broad uppermost pistillate bract somewhat hides the subtending spike, reminiscent of C. albursina, but enough variation in pistillate bract width exists that C. kraliana appears to approach C. crebriflora and C. laxiflora.
Well-drained floodplain forests and mesic to dry-mesic upland forests, especially in base-rich soils. The distribution and status of this species in Virginia is poorly known. It is, however, apparently widespread in the state, at least at lower elevations, and is frequent or common in some areas.
Native Status

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