Carex juniperorum Catling, Rezn., & Crins

Locations ofCarex juniperorum Catling, Rezn., & Crins in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex juniperorum Catling, Rezn., & Crins
Common Name
Juniper Sedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex juniperorum Catling
This sedge was named as new to science in 1993; see Syst. Bot. 19: 497. The Virginia populations are remarkably disjunct from the Kentucky-Ohio border area and Ontario. The first-discovered Virginia occurrence (Montgomery Co.) is reported in Castanea 69:145-146 (2004). It was subsequently found by J.F. Townsend in Botetourt Co. in 2004.
Rocky dolostone or limestone woodlands and, less frequently, barrens; sometimes in areas with periodic or ephemeral seepage; the few known populations are on dolostone of the Elbrook Formation, but the species could occur on other carbonate formations. Rare, sw. mountains; known from Botetourt and Montgomery counties (Ridge and Valley province).
Native Status

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