Carex emoryi Dewey

Locations ofCarex emoryi Dewey in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex emoryi Dewey
Common Name
Emory's sedge
Carex stricta Lam. var. elongata (Bockeler) Gleason
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex emoryi Dewey
Most herbarium specimens have not been examined to distinguish them from C. stricta, s.l. The species may be more frequent in the Ridge and Valley region than mapped records indicate. Virginia populations of Carex emoryi often display drooping lower pistillate spikes. In habit, though, plants more closely resemble Carex stricta than they do Carex torta.
Primarily on flood-scoured, rocky river shores and bars; rarely in calcareous fens, spring marshes, and wet meadows. Local and infrequent in the mountains and n. Piedmont; often forms large, clonal patches where found.
Native Status

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