Carex flexuosa Muhl. ex Willd.

Locations ofCarex flexuosa Muhl. ex Willd. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex flexuosa Muhl. ex Willd.
Common Name
Flexuous White-edge Sedge
Carex debilis Michaux var. rudgei Bailey
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex flexuosa Muhl. ex Willd.
Map incomplete at the present time. This species is treated as Carex debilis var. rudgei by FNA but appears to be consistently separable from C. debilis s.s. both morphologically and ecologically. Plants with longer perigynia (to 6.0-6.2 mm) approach Carex debilis, but may be recognized by having acute rather than blunt pistillate scales (or the lowermost even aristate) a condition that is rare in C. debilis.
Related plants with pubescent perigynia have been called Carex debilis var. pubera Gray and C. allegheniensis Mackenzie, or synonymized under C. flexuosa. See map and comments for that taxon, treated here as C. debilis var. pubera.
Northern red oak forests, northern hardwood forests, spruce-fir forests, and other high-elevation forests; also in balds, clearings, meadows, boulder fields, bogs, and seepage wetlands at higher elevations. Frequent at high elevations in the mountains; infrequent to rare below 900 m (3000 ft) elevation.
Native Status

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