Carex crebriflora Wiegand

Locations ofCarex crebriflora Wiegand in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex crebriflora Wiegand
Common Name
Coastal Plain Sedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex crebriflora Wiegand
This species has been much confused with other members of the Laxiflorae group, and Virginia specimens need critical evaluation. Many, if not most, Piedmont and mountain records for Carex crebriflora are likely referable to other species. Unambiguous C. crebriflora appears to be most closely associated with bottomland forests of the se. Coastal Plain and se. Piedmont. Correct evaluation of perigynium shape and arrangement of spikes is critical for proper identification. This species typically has green (nonglaucous) foliage, fusiform (sometimes ambiguously obovoid) perigynia, and overlapping spikes, the staminate spike surpassed and often hidden by the uppermost bract. Also see Comments under Carex kraliana.
Rich bottomland forests and adjacent lower slopes. Infrequent to locally frequent in the inner s. and c. Coastal Plain and s. Piedmont; distribution elsewhere uncertain (see Comments).
Native Status

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