Xyris curtisii Malme

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Botanical Name
Xyris curtisii Malme
Common Name
Curtiss' Yellow-eyed Grass
Xyris difformis Chapman var. curtisii (Malme) Kral
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Xyris curtissii Malme
Sometimes treated as a var. of Xyris difformis, as by Kral and FNA. However, based on field experience, it seems abundantly distinct from X. difformis s.s. and the morphological differences between the two seem more than adequate to justify treating them as separate species. Even FNA admits "Xyris difformis var. curtissii remains distinct even when mixed with the other two varieties, a common event in the southern Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains."
Bogs, sphagnous power-line swales, and seepy pond shores. Rare, inner Coastal Plain, north to Caroline County. Suffolk added 3/4/2024, J. Stanley 1589 (WILLI)
Native Status

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