Spiranthes praecox (Walt.) S.Wats.

Locations ofSpiranthes praecox (Walt.) S.Wats. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Spiranthes praecox (Walt.) S.Wats.
Common Name
Grass-leaved Ladies'-tresses, Giant Ladies'-tresses
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Spiranthes praecox (Walt.) S.Wats.
Most specimens labeled Spiranthes praecox in Virginia herbaria have proven to be misidentified; in some other cases, supporting specimens for records originally mapped as this species have not been found despite comprehensive searches of Virginia and out-of-state herbaria. The current map reflects the occurrence of confirmed specimens, and the species appears to be much rarer than previously thought.

See also Comments and map for Spiranthes sylvatica.
Damp to wet habitats, including bogs (formerly), seepages, flatwoods, and boggy powerline clearings. Infrequent to rare in the s. Coastal Plain, mostly south. of the James River.
Native Status

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