Trillium nivale Riddell

Locations ofTrillium nivale Riddell in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Trillium nivale Riddell
Common Name
Snow Trillium, Dwarf White Trillium
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Trillium nivale Riddell
This tiny and very early-blooming trillium is most widespread in the upper Midwest. The two Virginia stations are at the southern end of its range in the Appalachian region. The Rockingham County station was found in 2008 by Conley McMullen (JMU). Although not evident from the map, this station is a few miles south of the Highland County station and is the southernmost in the Appalachian region. A more detailed account is published in Castanea 74(2):181-182 (2009).
Mesic, rocky, limestone forests. Rare in the n. mountains; known only from two sites in the Ridge and Valley region of Highland and Rockingham counties.
Native Status

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