Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl. var. flava

Locations ofPlatanthera flava (L.) Lindl. var. flava in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl. var. flava
Common Name
Southern Rein Orchid, Southern Gypsy-spike
Habenaria flava (L.) R. Brown var. flava
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl. (sensu stricto)
Map incomplete at the present time. Many Virginia herbarium specimens have not been identified to variety, and systematic state-wide herbarium studies will be required to map them. See comments and species-level map for Platanthera flava.

Flora of the Southeastern U.S. and Flora of Virginia treat the vars. of P. flava as species, based on rather strong morphological differentiation and geographic separation. However, as noted by FNA, the taxa do exhibit intergradation in some areas, and no in-depth studies of ecological and morphological differences across their full ranges have been conducted. Dr. Lisa Wallace (ODU) will be initiating such a study in the near future. Until its results are known, we are opting to retain the traditional varietal treatment.
Alluvial and tidal swamps, floodplain forests, and boggy stream bottoms. Infrequent in the Coastal Plain; rare in the s. Piedmont.
Native Status

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