Polygonatum biflorum (Walt.) Ell. var. biflorum

Locations ofPolygonatum biflorum (Walt.) Ell. var. biflorum in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Polygonatum biflorum (Walt.) Ell. var. biflorum
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Polygonatum biflorum (Walt.) Ell. var. biflorum
See the species-level map for Polygonatum biflorum, s.l. The variety maps are very incomplete, as a varietal designation has not been applied to most Virginia herbarium specimens. Var. biflorum is by far the more common of the two vars. in Virginia, occurring state-wide, doubtless in every county. The designation of varieties within P. biflorum is controversial. Apparently, plants fitting the description of the more robust var. commutatum are usually tetraploid and those fitting the description of var. biflorum are normally diploid, but there are exceptions. More detailed studies are needed to elucidate the morphological and genetic variation in this complex.
In a wide range of mesic to dry, acidic to rich upland forests, rocky woodlands, barrens, old fields, and clearings. Common throughout.
Native Status

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