Melanthium virginicum L.

Locations ofMelanthium virginicum L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Melanthium virginicum L.
Common Name
Bog Bunchflower, Virginia Bunchflower
Veratrum virginicum (L.) Aiton
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Melanthium virginicum L.
The latest molecular studies support the inclusion of this species in Melanthium, rather than Veratrum; see Kim, S.-C. J.S. Kim, M.W. Chase, M.F. Fay, and J.-H. Kim. 2016. Molecular phylogenetic relationships of Melanthiaceae (Liliales) based on plastid DNA sequences. Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 181: 567-584.
Seepage swamps (acidic or calcareous), seeps, bogs, calcareous and mafic fens, boggy clearings, and wet meadows. Infrequent in the sc. mountains and s. Piedmont; rare in the n. mountains, n. Piedmont, and Coastal Plain; apparently absent from far sw. Virginia.
Native Status

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