Melanthium parviflorum (Michaux) S. Watson

Locations ofMelanthium parviflorum (Michaux) S. Watson in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Melanthium parviflorum (Michaux) S. Watson
Common Name
Mountain Bunchflower, Small-flowered False-hellebore
Veratrum parviflorum Michx.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Melanthium parviflorum (Michaux) S. Watson
Historically, this species has been variously placed in Melanthium or Veratrum. The latest molecular studies support the inclusion of this species in Melanthium, rather than Veratrum; see Kim, S.-C. J.S. Kim, M.W. Chase, M.F. Fay, and J.-H. Kim. 2016. Molecular phylogenetic relationships of Melanthiaceae (Liliales) based on plastid DNA sequences. Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 181: 567-584.
Mesic and dry-mesic montane forests at middle to high elevations, tolerating a wide range of soil chemistries; perhaps most frequent in mixed oak, oak-hickory, and northern red oak forests. Common in the greater central part of the mountains, from roughly Giles and Floyd counties n. to Rockingham and Albemarle counties; very infrequent in both the far n. and far sw. mountains.
Native Status

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