Luzula acuminata Raf.

Locations ofLuzula acuminata Raf. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Luzula acuminata Raf.
Common Name
Hairy Woodrush
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Luzula acuminata Raf. var. acuminata + Luzula acuminata Raf. var. carolinae (S. Wats.) Fern.
The map includes all records for the species and two vars. recognized by FNA and others, var. acuminata and var. carolinae (S. Wats.) Fern. These have not been recognized in most Virginia floristic studies, and most herbarium specimens have not been identified to var. Some specimens can be difficult to assign due to overlapping diagnostic character-states. Only very incomplete varietal maps are available at this time, pending the herbarium work that will be required to produce them. Var. acuminata is northern in distribution while var. carolinae is southeastern, the distributions partly overlapping in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Cove forests, northern hardwood forests, montane oak forests, seepage swamp hummocks, and mesic clearings in the mountains; eastward it occurs in mesic and dry-mesic forests, often in sheet-eroded soils of bluffs, steep slopes, and stream banks. Frequent in the inner Coastal Plain, outer s. Piedmont, and sw. mountains; infrequent elsewhere in mountains; rare in the inner and n. Piedmont and outer Coastal Plain. Based on limited herbarium data and field observations, plants matching the description of var. acuminata occur primarily in the mountains, while those matching var. carolinae occur primarily in the sw. mountains and eastern Virginia.
Native Status

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