Juncus longii Fern.

Locations ofJuncus longii Fern. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Juncus longii Fern.
Common Name
Long's Rush
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Juncus longii Fern.
Recognition of Juncus longii has been controversial with many authors including it within either Juncus biflorus or J. marginatus. Its more restricted distribution and fidelity to acidic seepage areas has long argued in favor of seemingly minor morphological differences being of substance. The matter was laid to rest by a publication by Knapp and Naczi in Syst. Bot. 33(4):685-694 (2008) entitled, "Taxonomy, morphology, and geographical distribution of Juncus longii (Juncaceae)" in which its morphology is shown to be clearly distinct from Juncus biflorus and Juncus marginatus.
Bogs, ditches, and other wet clayey or peaty sites; usually in habitats with abundant seepage. Local frequent in the inner Coastal Plain; rare in the outer Coastal Plain and outer Piedmont.
Native Status

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