Clintonia umbellulata (Michx.) Morong

Locations ofClintonia umbellulata (Michx.) Morong in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Clintonia umbellulata (Michx.) Morong
Common Name
Speckled Wood Lily, White Clintonia
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Clintonia umbellulata (Michx.) Morong
Plants known as Clintonia alleghaniensis Harned, allegedly differing from C. umbellulata in its ultramarine-blue berry (vs. black), is known from a number of sites in Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia. It has been variously interpreted as a species, a hybrid of C. borealis and C. umbellulata, or merely an odd form of C. umbellulata.
Northern red oak forests, montane mixed oak and oak-hickory forests, and cove forests; less commonly in northern hardwood forests, oak/heath forests, seepage swamps, and montane alluvial forests; occurs in both nutrient-poor and base-rich soils, generally at lower elevations than Clintonia borealis, although the two species sometimes occur together. Frequent to common in the mountains, rare in the far sw. Piedmont.
Native Status

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