Lilium pyrophilum M.W. Skinner & Sorrie

Locations ofLilium pyrophilum M.W. Skinner & Sorrie in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Lilium pyrophilum M.W. Skinner & Sorrie
Common Name
Sandhills Bog Lily
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Lilium pyrophilum M.W. Skinner & Sorrie
A recently described species; see Novon 12:94 (2002). Virginia plants were originally thought to be L. iridollae M.G. Henry, but subsequently redetermined by B.A. Sorrie. More recent studies have concluded that much Virginia material shows possible introgression with Lilium superbum. Superficially, L. pyrophilum is also somewhat similar to Lilium michauxii, in its 1-several nodding flowers with recurved tepals, relatively few whorls of leaves, and relatively few leaves per whorl.
Bogs, boggy swales in powerline rights-of-way, peaty seepage swamps that are at least partly open from fire or clearing. Rare in the inner Coastal Plain south of the James River but with a significantly disjunct population at Fort A.P. Hill, where it inhabits frequently burned, open seepage habitats.
Native Status

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