Lilium superbum L.

Locations ofLilium superbum L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Lilium superbum L.
Common Name
Turk's-cap Lily
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Lilium superbum L.
Lilium superbum is the most widely distributed lily in Virginia, occupies an impressive array of widely differing habitats, and exhibits considerable morphological variation across the state. For example, the plants of wind-tidal and blackwater swamps of se. Virginia and ne. North Carolina are very narrow-leaved. Although these plants are often described as yellow-tepaled, at least one population along the tidal Chickahominy exhibits "normal" coloration. This form, as well as others, need further study to determine whether they are worthy of taxonomic recognition. In addition, the relationship between L. superbum and L. pyrophilum, and the prescence of putative hybrids between them, needs investigation. See Comments under L. pyrophilum.
Cove forests, mesic slope forests, clearings, meadows, seepage swamps, alluvial swamps, and tidal swamps. Infrequent to locally frequent in the mountains; widespread but infrequent in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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