Juncus diffusissimus Buckl.

Locations ofJuncus diffusissimus Buckl. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Juncus diffusissimus Buckl.
Common Name
Diffuse Rush, Slim-pod Rush
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Juncus diffusissimus Buckl.
This distinctive Juncus is apparently partly or wholly introduced in our area. According to Lamont and Young (2005, J. Torr. Bot. Soc. 132(4): 635-643), the original range was in the lower Midwest and the species has spread widely to the east and northeast since 1900. The species could potentially be native to far southwestern Virginia, which is more contiguous with the native range.
Open disturbed wetlands, including low clearings, pond margins, streamside sandbars, and roadside ditches. Common in the far se. Coastal Plain and far sw. mountains; infrequent elsewhere.
Native Status
Not Specified

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