Carex pigra Naczi

Locations ofCarex pigra Naczi in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex pigra Naczi
Common Name
Lazy Sedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex pigra Naczi
Similar to and perhaps not distinct, or at least difficult to distinguish, from Carex glaucodea. Carex pigra is a recently described, problematic taxon whose diagnostic characters overlap those of C. glaucodea and C. flaccosperma in every case, making the identification of many individual specimens uncertain. This taxon would have been lumped with both Carex flaccosperma and C. glaucodea in previous Virginia studies. Although the existing map is based on specimens examined by the species' author, additional records may be residing in herbaria under either of its relatives' names. Extensive herbarium studies will be required before the taxa in this complex can be fully understood and adequately mapped. See also Comments on the pages for Carex flaccosperma and C. glaucodea.
Mesic upland forests and bottomlands. Specimens examined by Naczi (1997) are all from the s. Coastal Plain and outer s. Piedmont. This recently circumscribed species has not been segregated from Carex flaccosperma and C. glaucodea in Virginia studies, and its distribution and status are poorly known.
Native Status

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