Carex projecta Mackenzie

Locations ofCarex projecta Mackenzie in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex projecta Mackenzie
Common Name
Necklace Sedge
Carex tribuloides Wahl., in part, of Atlas III
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex projecta Mackenzie
Carex projecta bears a close resemblance to C. tribuloides. It is generally distinguished by a more arching or nodding inflorescence with lower spikes usually separated, perigynia more spreading, and leaf sheaths friable at the summit. Until a thorough study of the two species is done, the status and distribution of C. projecta in Virginia will remain obscure. It is a northern species, probably limited (or mostly so) to our mountain counties and also often occurring in drier, more upland habitats than C. tribuloides.
Moist soils of fields, clearings, balds, and upland forests; ascends to near 1675 m (5500 ft) elevation on Whitetop Mountain. Known from scattered collections in the mountains and n. Piedmont, its status is currently uncertain.
Native Status

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