Carex tribuloides Wahlenb. var. sangamonensis Clokey

Locations ofCarex tribuloides Wahlenb. var. sangamonensis Clokey in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex tribuloides Wahlenb. var. sangamonensis Clokey
Common Name
Midwestern Blunt Broom Sedge
Carex sangamonensis Clokey
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex sangamonensis Clokey
This midwestern taxon was only recently recognized among herbarium specimens. Its distribution and status are obscure, but it should be sought elsewhere in the southwestern counties. Sometimes treated as a species, but limited experience in Virginia and elsewhere (see Yatskievych in Flora of Missouri) suggests that it is not easily separable from C. tribuloides s.s.
Known definitely only from the shoreline of a beaver pond, in Dickenson County (Cumberland Mountains); a record from an interdune swale in Virginia Beach City is based on a young specimen and should be regarded as questionable.
Native Status

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