Cyperus lupulinus (Sprengel) Marcks ssp. macilentus Fernald

Locations ofCyperus lupulinus (Sprengel) Marcks ssp. macilentus Fernald in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Cyperus lupulinus (Sprengel) Marcks ssp. macilentus Fernald
Common Name
Small-scale Upland Flatsedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Cyperus lupulinus (Sprengel) Marcks ssp. macilentus Fernald
Map is very incomplete at present, as only a few specimens of Cyperus lupulinus have been determined to subspecies. As used here, the name Cyperus lupulinus var. macilentus applies to a taxon whose distribution is centered in the northeastern North America, mostly north of our area. However, both vars. of C. lupulinus and C. filiculmis have been lumped in most Virginia floristic studies, and the names Cyperus filiculmis and C. lupulinus have been applied interchangeably to many herbarium specimens. Until a comprehensive study of Virginia herbarium material is undertaken, the relatively distributions and frequencies of the three taxa in the state will remain uncertain.
The species occurs in dry, rocky woodlands, barrens, and outcrops on mafic, granitic, and felsic sedimentary and metasedimentary rocks; dry sandy or clay soil of fields, pastures, and clearings. Currently, the distribution and status of ssp. macilentus are incompletely known, but most of the few confirmed collections are from the s. and c. Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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