Cyperus retrofractus (L.) Torrey

Locations ofCyperus retrofractus (L.) Torrey in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Cyperus retrofractus (L.) Torrey
Common Name
Rough Flatsedge
Cyperus dipsaciformis Fern.; Cyperus retrofractus (L.) Torr. var. dipsaciformis (Fern.) Kükenth. (see C. hystricinus)
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Cyperus retrofractus (L.) Torrey
The map likely contains records for both Cyperus retrofractus and C. hystricinus Fern., which were lumped in Ed. III of the Atlas. Herbarium work will be required to map the two species separately, but see partial map of C. hystricinus specimens identified so far. This species is also sometimes confused with Cyperus plukenetii; see Comments under that species.
Dry, open forests, woodlands, and clearings; especially characteristic of sandy soils. This species has generally been lumped with Cyperus hystricinus in Virginia studies, and its distribution and status are incompletely known. It is assessed as infrequent but widely distributed in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont and as rare in the mountains. Extensive herbarium work will be required to map these species separately.
Native Status

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