Eleocharis verrucosa (Svens.) Harms

Locations ofEleocharis verrucosa (Svens.) Harms in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Eleocharis verrucosa (Svens.) Harms
Common Name
Slender Spikerush
Eleocharis tenuis (Willd.) J.A. Schultes var. verrucosa (Svens.) Svens.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Eleocharis verrucosa (Svens.) Harms
Lane Gibbons' MS thesis at JMU provides a convincing case for recognizing this entity at the species level. See Gibbons & McMullen, JBRIT 13(1):71-81 (2019). A key is provided for separating the three entities formerly treated as varieties of Eleocharis tenuis. The current map shows records cited as voucher specimens as well as a few additional counties previously or subsequently mapped but not cited therein.
Bogs, depression swamps and ponds, seeps, and wet clearings; often in seasonally flooded, clay soils. The species is apparently widely distributed in the eastern part of the state, but its frequency is not yet confidently known.
Native Status

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