Schoenoplectiella smithii (Fernald) Hayasaka

Locations ofSchoenoplectiella smithii (Fernald) Hayasaka  in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Schoenoplectiella smithii (Fernald) Hayasaka
Common Name
Smith's Bulrush, Blunt-scale Bulrush
Schoenoplectus smithii (Gray) J. Sojak var. leviseta (Fern.) S.G. Smith
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Schoenoplectiella smithii (Fernald) Hayasaka
Recent studies have demonstrated that taxa of this genus are morphologically, genetically, and phylogenetically distinct from Schoenoplectus and warrant generic status. Schoenoplectiella smithii is believed extirpated in Virginia, collected only once, "along gravelly beach between tides, Hunting Creek, 3/4 mi. SSW of Alexandria, G.H. Shull 214, 12 Aug. 1902" (as cited in Strong, 1994). There are three varieties of the species now recognized, but the sole Virginia specimen is somewhat immature and was identified only to species. However, Shiels and Monfils (2012, Novon 22: 87-90) attribute only var. leviseta (Fern.) S.G. Sm. to Virginia. Pending further examination of the specimen at US that might resolve the issue, we are treating this only at species level.
Gravelly, high-energy intertidal shores. Rare, n. Coastal Plain; known from a historical (1902) collection along Hunting Creek, a tidal tributary of the Potomac River, just south of Alexandria (Strong 1994).
Native Status

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