Scirpus hattorianus Makino

Locations ofScirpus hattorianus Makino in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Scirpus hattorianus Makino
Common Name
Northern Bulrush
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Scirpus hattorianus Makino
Similar to S. atrovirens, distinguished by blackish scales (rather than brown), shorter achenes (0.8-1.1 vs. 1.1-1.3 mm), and perianth bristles that are as long as to slightly longer than the achenes. Vegetatively, the leaves and sheaths of S. hattorianus are inconspicuously septate nodulose whereas this feature is normally conspicuous on S. atrovirens.
Scirpus hattorianus was named from Japan by Makino, but recent studies have shown that it is an introduction there and native to North America. See J. Plant Res. 131(1):91-97 (Jan 2018). Genetic analysis of Japanese and American specimens of Scirpus hattorianus suggests its introduction from North America.

Seeps, seepage swamps, beaver wetlands, ditches, wet meadows, and clearings at middle to high elevations. Rare, nw. mountains; known only from Highland, Rockingham and Shenandoah counties; frequent on Allegheny Mountain in Highland County.
Native Status

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