Scleria ciliata Michaux var. elliottii (Chapman) Fernald

Locations ofScleria ciliata Michaux var. elliottii (Chapman) Fernald in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Scleria ciliata Michaux var. elliottii (Chapman) Fernald
Common Name
Broad-leaved Hairy Nutrush
Scleria elliottii Chapman
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Scleria ciliata Michaux var. elliottii (Chapman) Fernald
This taxon is sometimes given status as a species, S. elliottii Chapman. However, the distinctions between entities in the Scleria ciliata complex seem clinal and problematic; and until studies provide greater clarity, we are following Reznicek, Fairy, and Whittemore in FNA (Vol. 23, 2002), as well as many other sources, in treating this as a var. of S. ciliata.
Wet flatwoods and clearings, sandhill woodlands, bogs, and boggy clearings, usually in loamy sands. This var. has generally been lumped under a broad Scleria ciliata concept in Virginia studies, and its distribution is incompletely known. Based on historical collections by Fernald (1937) and limited herbarium studies, it appears to be rare in the inner s. and c. Coastal Plain, north to Henrico County and very rare in the s. Piedmont (Halifax Co.).
Native Status

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