Scleria muehlenbergii Steudel

Locations ofScleria muehlenbergii Steudel in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Scleria muehlenbergii Steudel
Common Name
Pitted Nutrush
Scleria reticularis Michx. var. pubescens Britt.; Scleria muhlenbergii Steud. (orthographic variant)
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Scleria muehlenbergii Steudel
The rather paniculate, open inflorescences are unique among our Scleria, as are the slightly pubescent perigynia. This species was sometimes formerly included within Scleria reticularis Michaux as var. pubescens Britton. This may account for the attribution to Virginia in FNA of S. reticularis s.s., of which no supporting specimens are known to us. However, S. reticularis s.s. ranges from MA s. to FL and w. to TX on the Coastal Plain, and should be looked for in depression ponds or other seasonal wetlands of our area.
Bogs, boggy clearings (often sphagnous), mafic fens and seeps, and sea-level fens. Infrequent and local in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont; rare in the mountains.
Native Status

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