Mnesithea rugosa (Nutt.) de Koning & Sosef

Locations ofMnesithea rugosa (Nutt.) de Koning & Sosef in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Mnesithea rugosa (Nutt.) de Koning & Sosef
Common Name
Wrinkled Jointgrass
Coelorachis rugosa (Nutt.) Nash; Manisuris rugosa (Nutt.) Kuntze
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Mnesithea rugosa (Nutt.) de Koning & Sosef
The inclusion of Coelorachis in Mnesithia is strongly supported by the work of Soreng et al. (2015):
Soreng, R.J., P.M. Peterson, K. Romaschenko, G. Davidse, F.O. Zuloaga, E.J. Judziewicz, T.S. Filgueiros, J.I. Davis, and O. Morrone. 2015. A worldwide phylogenetic classification of the Poaceae. J. Syst. Evol. 53: 117-137.
Collected historically by Fernald (1939) from an "exsiccated argillaceous pineland" in Sussex County; at present known only from a seasonally flooded, roadside power-line right-of-way in the same general area. Rare, inner Coastal Plain of se. Virginia.
Native Status

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