Dichanthelium lucidum (Ashe) LeBlond

Locations ofDichanthelium lucidum (Ashe) LeBlond in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Dichanthelium lucidum (Ashe) LeBlond
Common Name
Bog Panic Grass
Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould ssp. lucidum (Ashe) Freckmann & Lelong, in part
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Dichanthelium lucidum (Ashe) LeBlond
New combination; see Sida 19(4):821-837 (2001). This species was subsumed in D. dichotomum in Atlas III and is certainly more widespread in eastern Virginia than the current map indicates. It is a glabrous, weak, reclining Dichanthelium, producing a tangled mass of stems. The papillose fertile lemma is diagnostic.
Bogs, seeps, seepage swamps, wet flatwoods, and wet clearings; usually in acidic, sandy, clayey, or peaty soils, and often growing in or among sphagnum. Frequent (at least locally) throughout the Coastal Plain; rare in the Piedmont and mountains.
Native Status

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