Dichanthelium microcarpon (Muhl. ex Elliott) Mohlenbrock

Locations ofDichanthelium microcarpon (Muhl. ex Elliott) Mohlenbrock in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Dichanthelium microcarpon (Muhl. ex Elliott) Mohlenbrock
Common Name
Branched Panic Grass
Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould var. ramulosum (Torr.) LeBlond; Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould ssp. microcarpon (Muhl. ex Elliott) Freckmann & Lelong; Panicum microcarpon Muhl. ex Ell.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Dichanthelium microcarpon (Muhl. ex Elliott) Mohlenbrock
Map incomplete at this time. Often treated as D. dichotomum var. ramulosum. However, the seemingly minor characters that distinguish this species are maintained consistently over its large geographical range, which argues for its recognition as a full species.
Bottomland forests, swamps (all types), wet flatwoods, depression ponds, impoundment margins, and low clearings, frequently ranging into mesic or even dry-mesic upland habitats. Frequent to common statewide.
Native Status

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