Dichanthelium scribnerianum (Nash) J.R. Thomas

Locations ofDichanthelium scribnerianum (Nash) J.R. Thomas in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Dichanthelium scribnerianum (Nash) J.R. Thomas
Common Name
Scribner's Panic Grass
Dichanthelium oligosanthes (J.A. Schultes) Gould var. scribnerianum (Nash) Gould; Dichanthelium oligosanthes (Schult.) Gould ssp. scribnerianum (Nash) Freckmann & Lelong
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Dichanthelium oligosanthes (J.A. Schultes) Gould var. scribnerianum (Nash) Gould
Often treated as a variety of Dichanthelium oligosanthes. In our area at least, this taxon seems quite different from oligosanthes, and we follow Flora of the Southeastern U.S. (Weakley et al.) in treating the two at species rank. Morphological differences are somewhat subtle, but D. oligosanthes is a species of acid, sandy soils of the Coastal Plain while D. scribnerianum is a species of base-rich soils in the mountains and northern Piedmont.
Rocky woodlands, barrens, clearings, meadows, and road banks; usually on mafic or calcareous substrates. Infrequent in the mountains; rare in the n. and inner Piedmont.
Native Status

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