Dichanthelium yadkinense (Ashe) Mohlenbrock

Locations ofDichanthelium yadkinense (Ashe) Mohlenbrock in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Dichanthelium yadkinense (Ashe) Mohlenbrock
Common Name
Spotted-sheath Panic Grass
Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould ssp. yadkinense (Ashe) Freckmann & Lelong
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Dichanthelium yadkinense (Ashe) Mohlenbrock
Map incomplete at this time pending further field and herbarium studies. Usually characterized by warty or glandular spots on the sheaths along with spikelets having the second glume and sterile lemma projecting beyond the fertile lemma, resulting in a somewhat beaked appearance; some specimens have only acute spikelets (lacking the sterile lemma projection) or very sparsely spotted sheaths, but otherwise seem a good match for D. yadkinense. This species has proven to be much overlooked in Virginia, having been included in a broad concept of Dichanthelium dichotomum in most floristic studies. Recent field work has shown that D. yadkinense is a regular floral component of floodplain forests and stream banks in the Piedmont, inner Coastal Plain, and non-limestone stream valleys in the Ridge and Valley province. Further collecting should fill in many of the current distributional gaps in these regions.
Well-drained to wet floodplain forests, stream banks, low mesic upland forests, and moist clearings; occasionally in drier upland settings; frequent in the Piedmont and some areas of the mountains (low elevations) and inner Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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