Digitaria villosa (Walt.) Pers.

Locations ofDigitaria villosa (Walt.) Pers. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Digitaria villosa (Walt.) Pers.
Common Name
Shaggy Crabgrass
Digitaria filiformis (L.) Koeler var. villosa (Walter) Fernald
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Digitaria villosa (Walter) Persoon
Since this species has generally been lumped with D. filiformis in previous Virginia floristic studies, herbarium specimens need critical examination and the current map is very incomplete.

FNA expresses some doubt as to the validity of this taxon (as D. filiformis var. villosa). At least some Virginia specimens are exactly intermediate in the supposed distinguishing characters between this and D. filiformis var. filiformis. However, the typical morphologies of the two taxa are quite distinct. Further study is needed.
Dry open woodlands, granite outcrops, sandy fields, and roadsides in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont. Probably frequent, or at least widely scattered, in eastern Virginia.
Native Status

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