Elymus macgregorii Brooks & Campbell

Locations ofElymus macgregorii Brooks & Campbell in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Elymus macgregorii Brooks & Campbell
Common Name
Early Wild Rye, MacGregor's Wild Rye
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Elymus macgregorii Brooks & Campbell
Only recently described (Campbell 2000, in J. Ky. Acad. Sci. 61(2):88-98), Elymus macgregorii has been generally confused with E. virginicus and E. glabriflorus in Virginia studies. This species sheds pollen and begins to set seed from mid-May to mid-June, considerably earlier than other Elymus species of our region. Despite these differences and its abundance in many large-river floodplains, it has been largely overlooked and/or misidentified.
The var. hirsutispiculus A. Haines was named and described in Botanical Notes 15 (2000). Haines cites a specimen (Simmons 2219) from Alexandria, and the overall range would appear to potentially include much of Virginia. Further study in the field and herbarium is warranted.
Well-drained floodplain forests, primarily along major rivers and their larger tributaries; occasionally in disturbed, mesic upland habitats such as moist forest edges or clearings. Locally common in the Piedmont and mountains; a dominant grass in late spring and early summer along the Potomac, Shenandoah, James, Appomattox, Dan, and Roanoke rivers and probably elsewhere.
Native Status

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