Eragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) Nees var. pectinacea

Locations ofEragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) Nees var. pectinacea in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Eragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) Nees var. pectinacea
Common Name
Tufted Lovegrass, Carolina Lovegrass, Western Lovegrass
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Eragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) Nees ex Steud. var. pectinacea
The map is very incomplete pending a more comprehensive re-evaluation of herbarium specimens. Eragostris pectinacea var. pectinacea is a weedy grass, undoubtedly widespread. Now generally distinguished from E. pilosa by it more prominent lateral nerves on the lemmas and persistent paleas after seed dispersal. The lemma coloration is mostly grayish in this species whereas it tends to be reddish in E. pilosa.
Open, disturbed habitats such as roadsides, railroad right-of-ways, riverside sand and gravel bars, cultivated fields, and gardens. This species has not generally been distinguished from Eragrostis pilosa in Virginia studies, and its distribution and status are poorly known.
Native Status

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