Glyceria septentrionalis A.S. Hitchc.

Locations ofGlyceria septentrionalis A.S. Hitchc. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Glyceria septentrionalis A.S. Hitchc.
Common Name
Eastern Mannagrass, Floating Mannagrass
Glyceria septentrionalis A.S. Hitchc. var. septentrionalis
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Glyceria septentrionalis A.S. Hitchc.
Most Virginia plants are unambiguously Glyceria septentrionalis. However, Fernald reported G. arkansana (sometimes treated as G. septentrionalis var. arkansana (Fern.) Steyermark & Kucera) from Greensville, Surry, and Sussex counties (Rhodora 40:385 & 42:410). FNA limits var. arkansana to the Mississippi drainage and Gulf coast, and Fernald's interpretation of the Virginia plants is now considered an error. However, the disposition of these se. Virginia Coastal Plain populations may warrant further investigation.
Alluvial swamps (especially in seasonally flooded sloughs), floodplain pools and ponds, depression swamps and ponds, impoundments, beaver meadows, and ditches; rarely in maritime swamps and interdune ponds. Infrequent to locally common throughout.
Native Status

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