Muhlenbergia bushii Pohl

Locations ofMuhlenbergia bushii Pohl in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Muhlenbergia bushii Pohl
Common Name
Bush's Muhly
Muhlenbergia brachyphylla Bush
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Muhlenbergia bushii Pohl
Virginia documentation consists of several historical Fernald collections and a recent collection from Nottoway Co. (Belden). These records are remarkably disjunct from the main range of this Midwestern grass.
Floodplain forests, riverbanks, Piedmont hardpan forests, and wet flatwoods; often associated with imperfectly or poorly drained clay soil. Rare (and mostly historical) in the se. Piedmont and adjacent inner Coastal Plain, in the Nottoway River drainage; collected only once recently, in 1995. Historical collections are from "border of Assamoosick Swamp," "moist argillaceous pine woods about 2 miles east of Stony Creek," and "open argillaceous low woods just east of McKenney." The recent, Nottway County collection was from a well-drained, wooded bank of the Nottoway River.
Native Status

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