Potamogeton zosteriformis Fernald

Locations ofPotamogeton zosteriformis Fernald in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Potamogeton zosteriformis Fernald
Common Name
Flatstem Pondweed
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Potamogeton zosteriformis Fernald
This is our only Potamogeton with stems sufficiently flattened to be described as winged. Collected historically in northern Virginia along Hunting Creek in 1902 and 1915, and Four Mile Run in 1903. These reports need confirmation as FNA does not include Virginia within the species' range. However, the species was collected in a Clarke Co. spring marsh in 1993 by Gary Fleming and Rob Simpson (specimen at GMUF).
Tidal freshwater aquatic beds in the Coastal Plain, calcareous marsh fed by artesian springs in the mountains. Rare, n. Coastal Plain (Arlington and Fairfax counties) and mountains (Clarke County, Ridge and Valley province); the specimens from Arlington and Fairfax counties were collected from 1902 to 1922 at several locations along the tidal Potomac River and its tributaries below Washington, D.C.
Native Status

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