Panicum hemitomon J.A. Schultes

Locations ofPanicum hemitomon J.A. Schultes in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Panicum hemitomon J.A. Schultes
Common Name
Hymenachne hemitomon (J.A. Schultes) C.C. Hsu
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Hymenachne hemitomon (J.A. Schultes) C.C. Hsu
Traditionally treated as Panicum hemitomon. The transfer of this species to the genus Hymenachne (followed by Flora of Virginia) seems premature since Acosta et al. (2014, Plant Syst. Evol. 300: 2155–2166) demonstrated that Hymenachne is not monophyletic, and that splitting it into monophyletic clades would require moving Hymenachne hemitomon to yet another new genus. We here retain the placement in Panicum until more definitive studies clarify this species' phylogenetic placement.
This species is characterized by its canelike habit and tendency to grow in large, often monospecific colonies. The extremely narrow inflorescence of fertile plants distinguishes it from other species of Panicum.
Depression ponds, peaty ditches, and wet clearings. Rare in the s. Coastal Plain (four counties); disjunct to a single Shenandoah Valley sinkhole pond in Augusta County.
Native Status

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