Coleataenia pulchra (F. Dietrich) Mabberley & LeBlond

Locations ofColeataenia pulchra (F. Dietrich) Mabberley & LeBlond in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Coleataenia pulchra (F. Dietrich) Mabberley & LeBlond
Common Name
Redtop Panic Grass
Coleataenia stipitata (Nash) LeBlond; Panicum rigidulum Bosc ex Nees var. elongatum (Pursh) Lelong; Panicum stipitatum Nash
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Coleataenia stipitata (Nash) LeBlond
Occurs statewide; incompletely mapped due to past lumping with Coleataenia rigidula ssp. rigidula (under a broad concept of Panicum rigidulum). Herbarium material needs re-assessment.

Mabberley and LeBlond have determined that "pulchra" is the earliest available specific epithet for this taxon. See Mabberley (2020, J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 14: 241-253) for details.
Wet fields and meadows, beaver wetlands, bottomland clearings, alluvial swamps, fens, impoundment shores, and river and stream shores; often in moderately to strongly base-rich wetland soils. Frequent in the Piedmont; less frequent but widespread in the mountains and Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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